All you need to know about Bakuchiol and why it’s being hailed as the natural alternative to Retinol

We have all heard about the wonder skin ingredient ‘retinol’ but what exactly is it and why is it so popular? Retinol is essentially a derivative of vitamin A, which is one of the body’s key nutrients for boosting cell turnover. It is a highly coveted ingredient in topical skincare products for its anti-ageing properties because in short, it acts to promote skin renewal, brighten skin tone, reduce acne, and boost collagen production to plump out the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


However, with the recent trend and increasing popularity of natural, plant-based products, coupled with the fact that people are shying away from chemically formulated retinoids that often cause skin irritation, the hunt for a natural alternative to retinol is on the rise. But is it actually out there? Well, the good news is that it is, and it’s called Bakuchiol.

Derived from the seeds and leaves of the Babchi plant native to India and Sri Lanka, its long been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine but is only just gaining attention in the western world for its anti-ageing properties. Recent studies have shown that regular application of Bakuchiol can stimulate collagen production, reducing fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation, whilst improving elasticity and firmness. And the best part? It does this without the usual retinol associated side effects such as redness and flaky, patchy dry skin. Could this be the new wonder ingredient you have been looking for? We think so. Plus it’s a great option for those who shop vegan, clean ingredients, those with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and its safe to use whilst pregnant or breast feeding.


Whilst Bakuchiol is definitely the natural front runner when it comes to giving retinol a run for its money, combining it with a few other natural ingredients can give your skin that extra anti-ageing boost you are looking for. Ingredients like rosehip oil and carrot seed oil can all work synergistically with Bakuchiol to help stimulate collagen at a deeper level, brighten and firm skin on a superficial level and help address all of your anti-ageing issues without the need for chemicals. And that’s exactly why we’ve combined all these ingredients in the one little bottle.

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