Get Your Glow on with Matcha

Green tea is no new thing. People have been using it for years for its high antioxidant levels and myriad of health benefits but stand back, because there’s a new kid on the block. Say hello to Matcha, a powerhouse green tea from Japan with over 100 times the antioxidants of regular green tea. Now you might think what has this got to do with skincare? Well honestly, everything. The topical effects of applying Matcha to the skin have now been well researched and seriously, the effects will leave your skin begging for more.

This high quality green tea contains chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier that will help remove harmful toxins and fight free radicals that damage cells needed to protect our skin. If you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles this baby also has you covered with its super hit of antioxidants that will protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that encourage premature ageing and hyperpigmentation. And finally this humble little green powder is known for being an energy booster, meaning it has the power to stimulate and rejuvenate skin cells leaving behind fresh, healthy, glowing skin.


At {SIMPLE as that} we have made the perfect Matcha Mask for your skin in a base of pure, organic silica because it’s one of the biggest components of collagen and who doesn’t need a bit of extra collagen to make our skin look young and fresh?

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