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This week on the blog we interview Jacintha Field.

Jacintha Field is a Family and Child Counsellor, Art Therapist, Breathwork coach, Meditation teacher certified by 1 Giant Mind and Kids Yoga teacher. But most importantly, she is a very conscious Mumma to her son Axel.

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You’ve created a Health & Wellness website called Happy Soul Kids. Tell us a little bit about your journey to get to where you are now and what exactly is Happy Soul Kids?

I have always been a conscious mother, but in 2020 I had a child who had some big emotions. During this time, we separated, my son started Prep, COVID hit, and homeschooling began. We then sold our home in Melbourne and my son and I packed up and moved to the Surf Coast of Victoria – not knowing many people. He then started a new school. So many big emotions for a little human to process in a short amount of time. These emotions were bigger than me, so I studied and researched ways to support him, and myself.

On completion of my studies, I am now a Family and Child Counsellor, Art Therapist, Meditation teacher certified by 1 Giant Mind, Level 3a Reiki practitioner, and Kids Yoga Teacher. All these modalities have helped and supported us through some tough times.

Seeing so many children suffer during and post COVID, and sadly not being able to gain access to psychologists, I started my own practice to teach children and families the tools I have learnt on self-regulation.

The mental health and wellbeing of children is so crucial these days with the rise of social media. Can you give parents three tips to help raise emotionally strong, resilient children?

  1. Really listen to your children. I mean really listen in to what they are saying because 90% of the time they are right.
  2. Your children mirror your behavior, so if you don’t want your children doing things (like yelling for example) don’t do it to them.
  3. Create a safe space for your children to feel safe sharing with you. Allow them to make mistakes without “punishing” them. We all make mistakes. Our kids are learning, just like we are. I encourage you to learn to come from a place of understanding.
  4. We all make mistakes in parenting. But repairing the damage is so important. Apologise to your children.

You have a wealth of knowledge in the field of children’s wellness. Any apps or resources you can recommend to parents looking for more information?

My mission is to encourage feelings and emotions to be normalised. I have some great mentors; Lael Stone, Dr Shefali, Glennon Doyle, Raising Humans Kind, Dr Justin Coulson, The Resilience Project, Marion Rose, The Holistic Psychologist just to name a few.

I also highly recommend everyone gets The Big Life Journal. It is a great resource for all children to learn a growth mindset. And I encourage breathwork, there are lots of free practices on www.happysoulskids.com with much more to come.

Happy Souls Kids exists as a safe place for children to come to deeply connect with their inner self and develop an intimate relationship with the natural world that surrounds them. We help children build emotional resilience, release stress, create stillness, enhance balance, endurance, flexibility, strength, coordination and teach them how to respond to their internal signals. Through meditation, yoga, breathwork, art therapy, resilience building and mindfulness, we help humans combat mental health and give children the tools to self-regulate. Our values are love, respect, kindness, honesty, compassion, empathy, and caring.

If there was one thing you could tell your younger self, what would it be?

Not to care what other people think of you. What they think of you is none of your business. Always follow your intuition, because it’s constantly guiding you in the right direction. Trust and back yourself.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years’ time?

We are working on a few big projects at the moment which I will announce soon, but I would like to expand my practice to support more humans on the Surf Coast and beyond.

Finally, we love a good inspirational quote. Is there a quote that really resonates with you?

Mistakes are our mates” – we all make mistakes. Our mistakes help us learn and grow.

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