Friends of {SAT} – Natalie Thorogood from Soak Society

Tell me about Soak Society, your product range and what makes it unique…

I began Soak Society in 2014 when I couldn’t find any local brands making bath salts that combined Epsom salts, clays and essential oils at a reasonable price, that also looked chic in the bathroom. I saw a gap in the market and realised that other people might be interested in the products I was making for my own use at home. I launched with the Originale Wellness Soak and a basic website, and have increased the range from there.

When did you make the leap into starting your own business, was there a defining moment that prompted you to ‘go it alone’?

Almost two years ago, I was working part time remotely on the Sunshine Coast for my employer who was in Brisbane. Even though I loved my job, I needed to concentrate on Soak Society more, and I was itching to build my business into something that would support me full time. So I resigned from my job as a personal concierge, and while it was risky at the time, I believe it was the pressure that contributed to the success in those first few months. I remember clearly when it started to gain momentum by gaining a few new stockists every week and I thought ‘Ok this is going to work out’

What would you say is the best part of working in the beauty industry?

Well I never realised how much of a natural skincare junkie I was, and the obsession has definitely deepened over the past few years! I love trying new products out. I would say the best part is being part of a larger movement towards natural and organic beauty products worldwide. I hope that in the future, all nasty chemicals and animal by products are eliminated from the beauty industry, for the sustainability of our planet, and our health!

What has been the biggest challenge in your business so far?

There are too many to name! Most recently we have started working with a distributor for our launch into Japan, so that was a huge challenge and learning curve – but so rewarding.

What kick arse daily habits do you have in place to navigate the entrepreneurial journey?

Transcendental meditation. Walks on the beach with my dog. Spending time with friends that are also entrepreneurs, but also spending time with friends that aren’t. Managing stress levels is important, and I’ve learnt to know when I’m getting higher anxiety and knowing what I need, like more exercise, or just taking a day off every now and then.

Summer is here. Please share your top five wellness/beauty tips reserved for this time of year as the weather heats up.

I live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, so the humidity and temperatures are always high this time of year. My skin actually loves the humidity!

  1. An obvious one, but drink loads of water! I can get sick of plain water so each day will be a mix of iced herbal tea, or sparkling water with lime or peppermint oil to mix things up.
  2. I LOVE going makeup free during the days in Summer. It’s nice to give my skin a breather, and usually because I have more of a tan, foundation isn’t necessary. I still wear sunscreen or sometimes a BB cream with SPF.
  3. If you’re near the ocean like me, take advantage of the natural minerals in the ocean, and swim as much as possible. The salt is so good for your hair and skin! I also love to use sand to exfoliate my arms and legs.
  4. I use Summer time to give my digestive system a break and eat lighter meals and drink more juice and smoothies.
  5. Last but not least – you can still have a bath in Summer! I don’t soak as much in Summer as I do in Winter, but it’s just such a great relaxation me-time tool, so I just make the water lukewarm instead of hot. Sometimes if it’s really hot, I’ll have a cold bath to cool my body temperate down. You can still use our Wellness Soaks in a cool bath.

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