You might be surprised to know that manufacturing skincare is not too different from being a chef in any kitchen. Sourcing the best produce, or raw ingredients in our case, and putting them together in precisely the right manner is the difference between a good dish and one that leaves you going back for more. And your skincare products should be no different. {SIMPLE as that} scans the country to source the best organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients, then blends these weekly in small batches to supply you with the highest quality, purest and freshest skincare products available on the market.

Our commitment to using organic and fair trade ingredients not only supports the working conditions of local famers, but also ensures the quality and purity of our raw ingredients. And as an added bonus we get to meet and support some amazing farmers and their families along the way, and we think that’s pretty cool.

Olive Oil

Our organic, fair trade olive oil is sourced from a small, family owned farm located just outside the country town of Kyneton, approximately 85km north of Melbourne. The land was purchased in the early 1980’s by the Mitrevski Family and has been a labour of love ever since.

Planting olive trees about 15 years ago, the family work tirelessly to ensure these trees have a healthy water supply and plenty of love. Over the years the family have watched their baby trees mature to blossoming adult trees which are finally yielding enough fruit to be bottled under the label ‘Bark Lane’. Once a year the Mitrevski’s come together (children included!) to hand strip the trees of their fruit so that it can be sent off to be cold pressed. Returning in bulk containers, the family then package and label their ‘liquid gold’ in the hope that it will generate a little bit of income for the following year.

Whilst visiting this beautiful, welcoming family, we noticed that olive trees weren’t the only edible delights on their property. Think vines, apple trees, pear trees, walnuts and chestnuts, all in the hope of one day being truly sustainable and self-sufficient.